Magan Scheel, DVM


Dr. Magan has accumulated many years of interest-driven experience on behalf of her passionate commitment to animals and to our veterinary science.   As a veterinarian she mirrors our practice philosophy of caring for pets and pet owners as our first priority here at our Clarkson-Wilson Clinic. Dr. Magan has broad interests in veterinary care, particularly regarding internal medicine, ophthalmology, surgery and exotics!!   She emphasizes her understanding of the human-animal bond and believes that each and every pet should be uniquely recognized and managed as the individual they are. This is the core mentality that allows all of us to service your pets and all of you as loving pet owners. Dr. Magan proves to be a valuable asset to our pet care team and we are so lucky to have her join us.

All of us here invite our family community of pet owners and friends to come visit the clinic and take the opportunity to meet Dr. Magan and welcome her into our program.   We trust you will enjoy her and appreciate her care of your pets as we all work to provide service to you, day to day and year to year.

Dr. Magan Scheel, DVM